Just the FAQs

Just the FAQs

What is ChaosMagick.com?

ChaosMagick.com is a celebration of the occult.
We are primarily focused on occult creators, but we also like to share practical magick tips on our site. We welcome occultists from any and all practices. Unless you're a bigot asshole or a Nazi.

It is a membership based website.
Our primary membership is free and gives you access to our entire archive of articles we've amassed so far.

We currently have one paid tier you can purchase to support us, too. This tier allows the website and Discord community to stay in operation. General entry into both the site and Discord is free, but you still have to sign in and stuff.

What are CMC's goals?

Our primary goal here at CMC is to provide occult creators a place to have their voice heard.
We publish many diverse voices with many differing opinions as to what magick is and how it works. We don't endorse any as a group. YMMV when working with the occult.

Are we here to make a lot of money off of people?

Newp, not at all.
To date, the main funder of the site is about $16K in the hole on operations. It's all good, though. Project of passion.

That being said, it would be nice to not have to pay for the upkeep of the community itself. Currently the costs are:

  • $20 for the site hosting per month
  • $50 for the Discord, bots, and upgrades
  • About $30 for incidental fees, like domain names, DNS upgrades, CDN, and stuff like that.

So, if we can basically pull in about $100 a month, we're gravy. That keeps the lights on and the jukebox playing. Anything else would be reinvested into the site and community itself.

Are we plotting to take over the world with our heathen ways?

Frankly, that sounds exhausting and the Christians have that market cornered with their culturally appropriated Jewish Mesopotamian war god with pretensions.

So, what is ChaosMagick.com all about?

You might browse the site and thinking to yourself, "Is this a Patreon???"

Well, kinda sorta, but absolutely not at the same time. 

We publish our site on an independent platform, using Ghost CMS, so the only fees we pay are the ones by our payment processor. Everything else goes back into paying towards keeping this thing running. 

Any proceeds we collect are used to produce new content. If we get enough subscribers, we can pay the contributors with some cash!

If we get a bit more, we might pay ourselves back for the initial investment. 

And anything after that is just gonna add to the awesome!

As you can see, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme!

We just want to share the opinions and insights of modern magicians, dig into the culture of chaos magick, and have a cool community where people are welcome to express themselves. 

In fact, all of our stuff currently published can be seen if you sign up for a free account. 

If you want the secret sauce, that's what's you pay for.

There will be more added, as often as we can!

This is just the beginning. We'll have more podcasts, more interactive streams on the Discord, new articles, zines, and so much more.

We're all about the doing of magick on the team, and we'll be sharing insight on how to put your own ideas out there on a budget you can handle.

Our goal has always been bringing magick to the masses, and that includes your magick, too.

Ultimately, this is about freedom of expression and who we are as a community.

We want to acknowledge the magick that we do.

I've hear chaos magicians are... horrible.

In a lot of ways this is true.
Unfortunately, not all chaotes make it past the pupa stage. They continue to jerk off on squiggles, live in mom's basement, and think trolling is the highest form of magick.

That is not us.

We pride ourselves on providing a troll-free community. We welcome all comers as long as they follow our rules, which are simple and uncomplicated.

In the event that a troublemaker makes it known that they are, indeed, a "douche canoe," we call on the Almighty Power of Thor to banish them from the server. He never misses.

So, whatever your background, the CMC community is a safe place to hang out.

So, is it all some weird cult? Like the illuminaughty or whatevs?

Newp. We're not going to involve you in any weird rituals. You don't have to give anyone your firstborn child. In fact, just keep your children. No weird sex stuff. Nothing like that.

We won't send random messages asking for donations for the LAAAAAWD. We may invite you to follow some newsletters.

We're not a secret society. We're essentially an art community.