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The fabulous first issue of our Newsletter!

7 months ago

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It's here! The site has launched!

And this is the "official" first issue of our newsletter! Here, we'll keep you up to date on everything we're doing and what's coming down the road.

In this issue:

“Nothing is Real. Everything is Permitted.” Your #1 online source for chaos magick entertainment, culture, and history.

Hello, Chaos Magick Fam!

Welcome to the first newsletter in what we hope is a long line of weekly newsletters, bringing you all the new hotness we offer.

In every issue, we'll bring you our newest stuff, links to cool things, announcements, and random musings on magick and the chaote community at large.

As one would expect from a team of chaotes, creating content for other chaotes, we won't be pulling any punches. We will poke fun, we will satirize, we will tweak a few jimmies, but we will do our best not to be unnecessarily cruel for no reason.

We do it for the LULZ.

Introducing our Social Media Sirens...

Roxi Phoenix has been reading Tarot for over 15 years, a facilitator of shadow works, and experienced astrologist. Her gifts will amaze you and her memes will invade you.

Worried Brat is the Kawaii Queen you've been waiting for with those elite streaming and video skills that make you salivate. An accomplished chaos witch responsible for the creation of Money Gator.

Saeihr is the Bear Goddess Avatar of the Undying Moon, High Preistess ov th3 Cult ov Mother, a tekmage of vast skill and desire, and operator between the veil. Captain of the Starship Punkadelic, surfing the waves of the Omniversal oceans.

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Mundane Magicks

Centering yourself when you're stressed can be one of the most powerful techniques a magician can employ.

Staying cool when shit hits the fan is an admirable trait.

A technique I use is to imagine myself in the center of a white room. Light radiates, but from every angle, to remove detail. It is simply me in the middle of the white room.

I focus on my breath and my blood, drawing my hand high and lowering it to center myself in the consensus reality.

While my eyes remain closed, I remain in this place. When I open my eyes, I am calm and ready to face the world.

It has worked in situations as varied as combat landings in Afghanistan to being bit by a dog in the face. I have remained calm, cognizant, and rational.

Give it a shot!

Hey, any of y‘all want some technomagick?
Magick: Documents of Contemporary Art
This is an absolutely amazing discussion panel by Whitechapel Gallery that we highly recommend watching.
“Nothing is Real, Everything is Permitted.”
Neat saying you got there. What the f*ck does it mean?
A call to arms for all the ladies of magick!
Chaos Magick For Beginners, As Defined By An Individual Practitioner
Chaos magick, at its core, will vary wildly in practice and paradigm from practitioner to practitioner, and this is part of the beauty in it.

The Presents Podcast is a go!

We present our inaugural episode of the Presents Podcast.

Your hosts, Joel and Joe, dive into the enormous task of trying to explain what Chaos Magick started as, what it has become and the direction it is headed in.

They also enlist the help of two amazing practitioners who have walked the path and are forging ahead.

Tommie Kelly of Adventures in Woo Woo

Tommie is a fantastic mage who created the Forty Servants, an oracle deck and full magick system that uses servitors and archetypes to explore the deeper meaning of the questions we ask of it and provides tools to bring those revealed intentions to fruition. He talks about his ongoing comic book project, Turbine Syndrome and many of his other artistic works in music and other mediums.

Check out his projects and more about him on his website.

The second interview is with Julian Vayne, an Elder of the Illuminates of Thanateros.

Julian is a widely recognized occultist who is known for his explorations of altered states and ethnogens. He is also a prolific author, teacher, and speaker who has written many titles that delve into what Chaos Magick is and how it is at the nexus of the philosophy and culture, including: Getting Higher, Chaos Craft, and Pharmakon.

Check out what Julian is up to over at his website or on the other projects he works on, like the Fungi Academy, Breaking Convention, and Tami Integration.

Percussion and Bass by Dustin Fugere, check out his other projects The Foilies and Swamp Ritual

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Occulture in the News...

Queer Feminist Chaos Magic | Treadwells
This evening introduces a paradigm shift, diving into Queer Feminist Chaos Magick practice
YouTube removes occultist who influenced murderer of two sisters
An account followed by the killer of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman is deleted, after a BBC investigation.
WitchTok: the rise of the occult on social media has eerie parallels with the 16th century
What’s behind Gen Z’s appetite for tarot and spells? 16th century debates about witchcraft help explain why the occult has become viral on TikTok.
The occult is having a moment
Witchcraft has become especially popular during the pandemic.

The Last Word: What's next at

I'm not even going to lie, it's been hectic leading up to launch day, and it's been hectic since.

The interesting thing about launching a project like this is all the variables that unexpectedly rise while in the middle of it all. I've been a project manager most of my adult life, so it always amazes me. You think you have all the bases covered and BOOM! Something crazy and new pops up.

It's part of why I love doing projects like these and working with the people I have the honor of working with.

More podcasts.

This previous podcast was good, and the next one will rattle your cage, too. Our premium tier members will submit questions to ask our future guests, and get other cool perks.

We also have some new podcasts coming your way, including the VeRoxi Punk Power Hour, where you'll experience Gemini-placement ramblings about chaos magick, random daily weirdness, and interviews with micro niche occult celebrities. We are the fuckery you've been looking for!

Live Stages on Discord.

One of our new favorite things is live stages over on our Discord server!

It's like a live podcast, where the audience can ask questions and any speaker we might have will talk directly to them.

It allows a level of interaction that's been missing since the pandemic hit and it works very well. We did an AMA on the server before launch and everyone seemed to like it.

We will do monthly AMAs where people can ask us questions and we can BS about magick with the community. In the future, we hope to have guest speakers that will give talks with question-and-answer sessions.

Join the CHAOSMAGICK.COM Discord Server!
The #1 Discord for chaos magick and community! | 381 members

We've also got a lot more in the way of zines coming.

I have a love for zines, both digital and print.

For me, they are little magical gems of creation that are easily produced and shared. I love them for their flaws and their DIY style. I also think they're perfect for magick work.

The intent is to make occult zines from various creators available for the public to consume at large. Maybe we'll even make an underground network to trade our occult zines together. Who knows?

For our paid members, these zines will show up in your benefits folder and sent to you via an email/post only you can see on the site.

For everyone else that may want to check them out, they'll be available at our store which will launch soon.

That's it for the first issue of our newsletter!

We hope you've enjoyed it and are excited to hear about the things we're doing. We hope you join the community and start creating magick with us.

Remember, the magick is in the doing, not the speculating.

See you kiddos next week!

~ The Team

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