Interview: Yavhe Alexander of the Hexorian Movement

What is the Hexorian Movement? Look no further for more information.

Interview: Yavhe Alexander of the Hexorian Movement

The Hexorian Movement is one of the fastest growing subgroups within the larger Chaos Magick scene, and it has generated quite a lot of interest around the world since it emerged just a few short years ago.

I, myself, recently spoke to my own sentiment regarding this Movement as being a bright spot within occulture. Out of curiosity, I joined the Facebook Group where a large part of the discussion goes on among the community.

As a new contributor to, I couldn’t help but notice that despite the intense energy and interest surrounding the Hexorian Movement, there was no article on the page about them. Since I only managed to learn about it through Aaron Nightgaunt’s podcast, The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard (episode 33), I figured what better way to help other people get exposed to this movement than doing my own interview? So I reached out to admins on the Facebook page and was able to secure an interview with Yavhe Alexander.

In the interest of full transparency, despite being a member of the Facebook group I do not personally identify as a member of the Hexorian Movement nor have I done any working with the godforms of the 888 Current. This interview was conducted over Facebook Messenger, I sent the questions to Yavhe and he was given time to respond to them. My decision in this regard was to bridge a language gap and give Yavhe a chance to deliberate over his responses and minimize the burden of having to translate his ideas into English in real time. As a result, I feel like this interview will give you, the readers, a chance to get the most clear responses. I have not edited his responses in any way, aside from formatting. Please enjoy!

Julian: Hello, Yavhe, thank you so much for agreeing to speak with me. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling us a little bit about your personal background before we dig into things to give the readers a sense of who you are. Could you talk a bit about your experiences in the occult scene, and maybe how your life experiences informed those?

Yavhe: Greetings Julian. On the contrary, thank you for inviting me to this interview.

Let's see, I'm Yavhe Alexander, from Mexico. I started in the world of the esoteric since my adolescence when I was initiated by a teacher in a small and clandestine academy that I had where I trained and studied with other classmates.

In those days we started with the basics: Madame Blavatsky, Elliphas Levi, Lobsang Rampa and so on. Little by little we were expanding our fields of study and our practices. My favorite thing to do was go dig up hexes in the graveyard or do some book hunting and some vigilante work. They were good times.

In my adulthood I moved away from those topics a bit until in 2016, due to a series of the strangest synchronicities, I got to know the DKMU and the magic of chaos and I felt a strong call to return to the path of magic. A few days before meeting the DKMU I had the strangest dreams I've ever had in my life.

By 2018 I was part of the founding members of its Latin American division and coordinated the "Red Queen'' operation, which aimed to create an Ellisian network in Latin American countries. In the end, we had the participation of 108 cities including some from Europe and the United States where there was a Spanish-speaking population. In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, the figure of Hexorius was revealed to me in a dream and the rest is the story that has brought us here.

J: Okay so to really dig into things, while acknowledging the intentional horizontal structure of the group, how would you describe your role within the Hexorian Movement?

Y: Today I am a founding member of the "Hexorian Movement" and if we believe what some of the members of the Movement, one of its leaders. I like to consider myself as the guardian of the Movement.

J: Now, there may be some readers who have never heard of the Hexorian Movement. If you could, briefly, describe the origin of the Hexorian Movement and explain The Message for those who are unfamiliar with these things.

Y: As I said earlier, Hexorius revealed himself to me in a dream. A dream of less than a second where I signed a kind of contract but instead of my mundane signature or name I signed with the name "Hexorius" (unknown to me at the time) and with the sigil that today represents the movement.

When I woke up I had a very strange feeling, that day was full of more synchronicities so the same night of that day I had the need to write the document that is known today as "The origin of Hexorius and the Hexorian Movement".

My role, in addition to that of founder, is that of a member of the "Hexorian Conclave" a group of 5 members whose participation has stood out from the origins of the Movement whose voice and advice I listen carefully. The Conclave is not a leadership group, but rather the people whose work keeps the Movement running. In that Conclave there are members from Latin America, USA and Europe.

The Hexorian Movement is a group of magicians of chaos (many although not all come from the DKMU) that is especially dedicated to urban shamanism, a current of magic that considers that cities have magic just like natural areas and that their urban ecosystems They are inhabited by spirits, currents of power and gods like a forest, a river or other centers of power like Stonehenge or the Pyramids.

The central motto of the Movement is "The City will feed us" a mantra that indicates that cities have the strength and resources to feed all their inhabitants. The motto is both a promise and an oath since it continues... "and we will feed her...."

What creates a symbiotic relationship between the city as a living organism (magical and material) and its inhabitants, having the Hexorian magician as a kind of intermediary between the city as an entity and its non-magical inhabitants.

The so-called "The Message" is an ambiguous term that arose from the expression "Have you heard The Message? An expression that became popular at the beginning of the Movement that actually obeys a longer phrase that is:

Mage 1: Have you heard The Message?

Mage 2: Yeah

Mage 1: Are you everything the Message needs?

Mage 2: No, but I can be more.

This dialogue is used for the Hexorian magicians to recognize each other while reaffirming their vows.

What is "The Message"?

The city will feed us.

Full circle.

J: At its core, The Message seems to be about what you do and how you treat other people. Cities have always attracted a wide variety of people even from different parts of the world who must come together to make a life among each other. How do you see that energy manifest within the Hexorian Movement?

Y: Diversity. From its first second of life, the Movement attracted a series of people of diverse nationalities, identities, genders, activities and even magical currents.

The Movement always had a life of its own. What started with the god form of Hexorius today (3 years after its founding) has grown into a group of nearly 1000 members, from dozens of different countries, a pantheon of 5 "major" deities, 4 "minor" deities. (for now) and a series of elementals, practices, spells and thoughts. All within the same Movement.

J: Recently, a conversation occurred on the Movement’s Facebook Group. It arose from a response to the proposed methodology of a Project by another member, if I understand that correctly. This conversation centered upon whether or not the Hexorian Movement was anti-fascist or not. What was it like for you when you became aware of the bend of this conversation? How did you feel initially about the whole thing?

Y: Actually it was not directly because of that publication that you mention (whose author asked for help to channel energy for a spell in his country) but rather one in response to that operation where the face of a politician marked with non-Hexorian symbols appeared that I immediately rejected and deleted in my role as page administrator.

It just made me tasteless. About the conversation that was unleashed from that my reaction was surprise and confusion. Frankly I never understood (to this day) why the conversation turned to the movement being a place for fascists.

I don't think I'll ever understand why the phrase: "The Movement is for everyone" became "This Movement harbors fascists." As one member said: "It's like putting a 'Welcome' mat outside your house and having someone understand that thieves and murderers are welcome.

I trusted common sense, that was my mistake.

We talked about it a lot internally and the conclusion we reached together was that there were clear cultural differences that made several take the issue from different angles since our historical and cultural realities are not the same. Also that some of our members exaggerated and unfortunately others came to insult other members who had little or nothing to do with this.

The fun part? That the person who made the original post and I came to an understanding within minutes of the conversation breaking out but everything had already taken on a life of its own. Today everything is calm, a publication was made explaining that no, we do not tolerate fascists, racists or any hate ideology as I believe that nothing in their right mind would accept the same people in their home and that is not why they should hang a sign outside from their house.

Funny thing?  A few days after this event we had the emergence of another entity in the Movement: Maakari, the Hexorian deity that represents the interaction, communication, business and conflicts between the inhabitants of the city.

Chance? I don't believe it...

J: I don’t know how closely you pay attention at all to US Politics, and I couldn’t blame you if you didn’t as an American myself. Perhaps you have heard of it, but maybe not, the slogan “All Lives Matter”. Despite the obvious truth within this statement, it has been largely viewed as a rallying cry for Trumpers and other Alt-Right Christofascists in America. You have said, “The Hexorian Movement is for Everyone”, but would you say that means everyone is meant to be part of the Hexorian Movement?

Y: Personally I am quite apolitical, so no, I do not pay attention to the politics of the USA, nor do I pay attention to the politics of my country. I'm just not like that. To be honest I have no idea what an "Alt-Right Christofascists" is but I can imagine.

As I said in the previous question: The Hexorian Movement is for everyone... as long as they don't harbor any hate politics, disrespect or try to harm anyone. Allow me to make a parenthesis to say that some of the members of the group who directly defended the rejection of the fascists said phrases like:

"You must understand that I'm right or you're going to go to hell" or "If we want to make a group for everyone, we must remove those who don't think like us".

And even direct insults to the person and their sexual preferences.

Authentic jewels of human respect.

It's true, I don't know what an "Alt-Right Christofascists" is, but I do recognize a disrespectful person regardless of the flag they claim to be defending. The Hexorian Movement is a MAGICAL and esoteric group. It is not a group to discuss political opinions. I understand that some members feel that it is the right place but I am sorry, it is not.

The work you do is magical, not political.

And yes, some explained to me that "everything is political", but if everything is political, then nothing is, right?

Sorry guys, but we'll stick to strictly magical.

J: As a result of this conversation, there was a finale to the situation. There’s a post right now on the Group page which commits the Hexorian Movement to being unwelcoming towards fascists and all other groups defined by hatred on the basis that those philosophical commitments are incompatible with The Message. Did you approve of that message, and would you care to elaborate on this position for the Movement at all?

Y: Of course I approve this message, since it was the result of the conversation between its author and me, as the same post says. And we both agreed to publish it.

I am frank, I am very confused here and I return to my same example, I did not consider it necessary to put a notice of "we do not accept hateful ideologies" but I admit my mistake.

The conversation is done, the understandings made and everything is at peace in the Movement.

Hey! We even have new members.

J: You know, as this conversation progressed I cannot help but feel a certain current underneath everything you’re trying to say. I don’t know if the readers would pick up on it unless I draw a direct connection for them. As you become a member of the Hexorian Movement and start to interact with the 888 Current, it seems like part of what you’re doing is both adopting and participating in the co-creation of an entirely new worldview. I’m not sure I can put it fully into words because I’m not sure there’s really anything else like it. What’s your take on that?

Y: To be honest I'm feeling that too and I can't put it into words either. All this has been strange, a one second dream that becomes a movement of hundreds of people on 3 continents.

Symbols and deities suddenly arising in the minds of our members and our sigils on the walls of cities, neighborhoods and schools.

At this point, I'm at the same point as you.

There is something bigger here, like a puzzle that its pieces reveal themselves over time.

J: Yavhe I want to thank you again so much for accepting this interview. I appreciate the chance to sit down with you, and I hope the readers of this article get a chance to know the Hexorian Movement as I have come to know them. Before we finish, are there any shout outs you would like to give, or perhaps projects that you’d like to promote?

Y: Just invite the people to our group, and if they wanna to know much about it they always can buy the book. doesn't exist without you!

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