HYPERSTITIONS Anthology Details


HYPERSTITIONS Anthology Details

Submit your work @ hyperstitions.com.

Project HYPERSTITIONS Anthology Details

Here are the promised details for our upcoming anthology project!

This will be a transmedia style project. We will accept any art – visual, written, spoken, and A/V recording – for consideration to be included in the project.

A "live" version will be maintained here on the site for paid members.

Deadline for submissions in the first wave is Jan. 31st, 2023, 12 Midnight Central Time US.

Planned publication date of Vol.1 is around mid-April.

60% of all profits after costs will be shared evenly by every contributor, paid out on a monthly basis after first publication and publishing. 20% will go to cover publishing costs and shipping. 5% will go directly back into the GZS Publications. 15% will go to a charity chosen by the selected contributors of each volume.

What kind of work do we want to see?

A hyperstition is defined as a positive feedback circuit including culture as a component, according to Nick Land (2009). So, we would like to hear positive stories of the occult. This doesn't mean there can be no darkness, and we certainly don't want New Age, Love and Light, bullshit. The end result should just be a somewhat positive outcome.

Also, nothing graphic. Soft-core sensual is cool. Bodies exploding, not so much. Keep it 80's Horror Movie R-Rated at worst. That gives you a lot of wiggle room.

Keep it grounded in reality as much as possible. This doesn't mean don't do a fantasy genre story, for example. Just think more Clive Barker that Tolkien. Try not to go stream of consciousness. Do work that people will relate to and FEEL deep inside their bones.

Needless to say, any submission must have occult themes to be considered.

  • Fiction: No more than 6,000 words. Can include any genre you can imagine as long as the occult is present in some way.
  • Non-Fiction: No more than 5,000 words. Magickal theory, Guides for newcomers/advanced practitioners, occult history, etc.
  • Visual: No more than a gallery of 10 pictures. All must be submitted in JPG format and include a write up about their inspiration.
  • Audio/Visual: Nothing more than 10 mins. This includes music, short films, spoken word, radio plays, day in the life vignettes, etc. The more heartfelt, the better, IMHO. Be stunning.
  • Other: Contact us if you have a different idea for an entry into the project

What do you mean by Vol. 1? Is there going to be more?

Indeed. Hyperstitions has grown as an idea of a simple occult anthology one can read into something more of a magick circus that can be enjoyed across media platforms.

You will be able to share the thing you love to do that is your very special talent with the world. That kind of idea is much too big for one volume, because there are sooooo many talented people in our community.

So, Hyperstitions is now a Transmedia Occult Event. It will officially begin on January 1st, 2023, and end on December 31st, 2023 at the stroke of Midnight.

We will host everything here for streaming to our paid members. We will also offer various cool ways to consume this media to those who may want to purchase the offerings one at a time as we move along.

In short, we don't know how many Volumes we can produce in one year, but we'd love to find out if you're game!

What is the magickal intent of the working?

The primary intent is to project some positivity into the community and share our love of the occult arts. We would like to show everyday people who know nothing about our various communities what it's like to be real magicians, witches, etc., in today's modern world.

It's a celebration of ALL the occult, not just one tiny niche of the larger whole. We will celebrate what we do with the world for the entire year.

The secondary intent is to drive sales, so artists get paid, charities get funded, and the event can keep producing for everyone as long as it's in publication.

For more information, please join our Discord and go to the #hyperstions-transmedia-event-2023 channel for more discussion and further progress updates. We will hold a live meeting on Saturday, October 1st, 2022 at 10AM US Central Time/4PM GMT to discuss event planning over the course of the year.

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