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The most important part of any Tulpa, servitor, or egregore creation is to define the reason we need an astral construct in the first place.

2 months ago

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I designed the following essay to be a masterclass in servitor creation.

It leans heavily on the outcomes of my own experiments with both memetics and cybernetics, and may differ vastly from what is described by other practitioners.

The most important part of any Tulpa, servitor, or egregore creation is to define the reason we need an astral construct in the first place. The entity I will use as an example here is designed as an assassin of sorts, created to strike at the very hearts of the magickian's enemies and leave no trace.

Far less adversarial drives can also prove to be fertile grounds to birth a brainchild all of your own. Love, lust, money, the ends need not be bloody to justify the effort involved in crafting one of these yourself.

I give you a name. You shall be the Reaper's Queen.

I give you a form. You are a pale, Banshee like spirit in flowing robes with icy skin and long blade like claws. The sound of feet crunching in snow shall accompany your movements and a chill wind shall signal your presence. The faces and shades of those who have fallen in battle shall surround you, and you shall be glad of the terror they will strike into your victims.

The next thing to do is define the laws which will govern the entity itself.

I recommend a clause is written in early in the process that prevents the construct from bringing harm to either its creator or those who are close to them as well.

This is essential, even if the egregore itself is not designed for psychic attack.

Better safe than bereaved, as they say.

I give you your code. You shall do what I say.

You shall do no harm to your creator or those your creator cares about.
You shall do no harm to your summoner or those your summoner cares about.
You shall attack only the target defined by the caster.
You shall do no harm to others, even those protecting the target, unless they seek to stop you completing your task.

Then the basic operating method is programmed next.

The below examples are obviously related to the vicious nature of the Reaper's Queen herself, but because of the artificial status of an egregore's intelligence they function best when every possible action is mapped out in at least general terms.

When creating life, chance is where the errors creep in.

You shall produce a cold shiver and feeling of unease to prove your presence to those who would call on your aid.
You shall leave right away to begin tracking your target once this is revealed to you.
You shall track the target tirelessly to the very ends of the earth, for vengeance is inescapable.
You shall concentrate only on the current target, and queue other requests accordingly.
You shall use your claws to rend your victim's spirit, your appearance to strike fear into their soon to be frozen heart.
You shall attack until drained, and then break off to feed.
You shall refuel at any source available that does not go against the laws outlined here.

And here is a little necromantic clause I like to add to all my more aggressive creations.

You shall seek the spirits of the dead and offer them vengeance should they wish to accompany you.
You shall add their hatred to your own and focus this too towards your target.

It is also a good idea to create a well-defined end point for the operation being undertaken by the egregore, as well as what a resting or waiting state between tasks looks like as well.

You will not consider your attack completed until your target is destroyed utterly, body, mind and soul.
Upon completion of the attack, you shall return to the Astral and await further requests.

Next, a clause to allow others to approach the entity is added if desired. This is not essential should the egregore be only for personal use, though having a chant or spell designed to bring it forward for inspection remains useful.

As with anything magickal, the more emotive the language, the better.

I give you a ritual. You shall hear those who seek your aid.

I call on you, Reaper's Queen, to destroy (man/woman) for through their actions they have earned your hatred. Oh flawless stalker. Bringer of retribution. Nemesis. Cruel Fates. Cold hand of judgment. Destroyer of those who would harm others. Hubris punished. Harvester of lost souls. I call you. Come to me, that I may lay my target low with your sharpened teeth.

Bringing a servitor to life is by far the most time-consuming part of this process, but after years of trial and error, the following charging method has proven to be extremely effective in helping constructs like Reaper's Queen stand on their own bloody feet.

And no, for once it does not involve a pictographic sigil or prolonged masturbatory gnosis.

Instead, the description, operating program, and summoning chant if one was created are compressed into a folding code by meticulously counting all the letters one after the other.

For example, Q appears five times in the highlighted sections above, and G thirty.

The numerical results from these are then converted into binary as one long string of numbers in alphabetical order. We use zeroes for letters that do not appear, such as X with my Reaper's Queen.

Maintaining a standard A to Z path during conversion is imperative for the correct output.

The result should look something like this:


It is then repeatedly chanted while enraptured by a relevant emotion tied to the eventual use of the entity, for as long as it takes to reach exhaustion.

With Reaper's Queen, a mix of rage and disgust is perfect, though less violent outcomes will require more balanced states of mind to correctly program the end result.

Maintaining any level of emotional arousal whilst also reading a complex string of ones and zeroes can be extremely difficult, but there is no reason we cannot repeat the operation multiple times until the servitor's presence is felt.

Remember, this is not the summoning chant, nor would the binary for an egregore be freely released in such a way under normal circumstances.

It is only used during the empowerment stage, and then stored in case the egregore somehow malfunctions.

Should the worst happen, your virtual being can be dissolved by simply running the string back through the converter in the opposite direction, uncollapsing the code, and unravelling the spirit quickly, cleanly, and with the minimum of fuss.

Of course, only its creator can do this, as they are the ones who fed the construct the energy in the first place.

Reality can be a depressingly grey place, and magickians of any actual skill are so terribly few. But with a little willpower and a knack for creating unreal allies, there is no need for even the most solitary of practitioners to work alone. doesn't exist without you!

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Published 2 months ago


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