Getting ahead of the new "Satanic Panic."

Is the "Satanic Panic" making a comeback?

A demon, surrounded in fire, with souls burning in hellfire.

Satanic Panic is a term that has been used by both the public and the media to describe a period of hysteria that occurred in the 1980s - the 1990s.

The term was first used by the media in an article that appeared in the October 5, 1986 issue of The San Bernardino County Sun. The article was written by Richard Landry and titled Satanic Panic Hysteria Spreads. People were becoming terrified of Satanism, according to the article.

In the early 1980s, there was a wave of mass hysteria caused by a series of strange and violent crimes that occurred throughout the country. These crimes were often linked to witchcraft and the occult, and many people believed that the occult was was an evil force that must be dealt with.  

Satanism has long been a part of popular culture and has been the subject of much debate and speculation. Stories abounded, describing a surge in reports of child abuse, sexual assault, and Satanism, and suggested that this resulted from the growing number of self-identified Satanists.

The Satanic Panic ended in 1991, but it had a lasting impact on American society, and there's a very good chance it's happening again.

There are only a few truly terrifying occult organizations out there.

So, yes, while caution and a wary eye is necessary, they are not in danger of taking over the world and unleashing demons on you.

The O9A, for example, is a malevolent far-right fascist supremacist group who has recruited members to militaries, police departments, and terrorist organizations worldwide in order to complete their initiation rituals.

In truth, however, they are limited in number, ineffective in working together, and usually quite incompetent in their endeavors. They are a group to watch and make sure they're not up to carrying out the heinous acts of their hateful fantasies, but also they're your typical fringe supremacist organization that are full of a lot of talk mostly by keyboard warriors and cowards.

They only have power in numbers, and we outnumber them by a great deal. Always will. They'll never be able to win their ludicrous victory they have alluded to in the fan-fiction... sorry, I mean their "practice."

You must remember, for all of these miscreants that would seek to use the occult for nefarious means, there are millions of us out there that seek to tip the scales in the favor of peace, diversity, equality, and true freedom of the human spirit.

For their one warrior, there are easily ten of us ready to keep them in check. We are legion. They are merely the outlying fringe.

If you'd like to know where the real "Satanic Panic" begins and ends, that's easy: Politicians and Centralized Religion.

Politicians like to use the occult as an easy punching bag to stir up fear in their constituents, especially those of the far-right variety appealing to the staunchly fundamentalist religious conservative demographic.

This demographic exists worldwide, as evidenced by the mentally unbalanced Nathaniel J. Harris and all the other "Satan Hunters" out there who look for pedophilia connected to the occult.

In most cases, these "Satan Hunters" target people and organizations they were involved with in their personal life but were ultimately rejected from the community due to their unwillingness to seek professional mental help for their delusions.

Harris, for example, made it a game of going after The Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT), which is a organization comprised of chaos magicians, after they booted him for being mentally unstable.

From there, he turned on individual members, claiming they participated in rituals involving pedophilia. He defamed members publicly, with absolutely no proof but his imaginative lies, to the point nothing other than litigation and the threat of jail time caused him to stop.

These people are deluded. And they are emboldened by politicians who spew hate speech like Donald Trump, Ron Desantis, Boris Johnson, et al.

The true danger of a "Satanic Panic" is that innocent people will be harmed.

Most occultists have little interest in harming anyone. We typically have no desire to use magick in a harmful way. In fact, using magick to commit harm on others comes with a very steep cost.

We are literally your neighbors. We mean you no harm unless you heap it on us, like any other human being. We've probably chatted with you, picked up your mail while you were out of town for you, maybe even watched your kids or helped mow your lawn.

But we do not live in a world of fantasy. This is not a movie. We are real people and this is real life. The fact is, by buying into any "Satanic Panic" narrative, you are engaging with a lie that seeks to harm or kill innocent people.

It's also important to remember, sometimes we magicians will bite back if provoked. doesn't exist without you!

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