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3 months ago

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Valentines Day might be over but that doesn't mean we don't still love you.

While supplies last, we are offering a one week free trial so you can see all the great things we have for our paid subscribers.

You get a ton of great perks including the full video interviews with some of our podcast guests and more!

To get this promotion, just sign up for the new Chaote membership and the trial will automatically be applied.

You'll still have to enter your payment information and a $0 charge for verification will be authorized on your payment method.

If you choose to cancel during your trial then your membership will be cancelled immediately, otherwise it will renew into the $4.99 monthly subscription to help support independent occult publishing. We are only allowing one trial per member at this time but that may change in the future.

If you have any trouble signing up or questions on the terms of this trial please reach out at [email protected]

Joel Friedrichs

Published 3 months ago


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