F23 Podcast: New Grant Morrison interview!

If you haven't been listening to F23, then you've been missing out.

3 months ago

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If you haven't been listening to F23, then you've been missing out.

There's no better way to start than this episode, featuring Grant Morrison, who has been writing some of the best comic books ever produced for 40 years. The Invisibles, Superman, X-Men... you name it and they have done an innovative tale featuring them.

F23 Podcast E38 feat Grant Morrison - F23 Podcast
Welcome to the F23 Podcast a being who needs no introduction Grant Morrison. A legend in comic book and magical circles they rose to fame during during the 90’s comic book revolution writing some legendary titles that include Doom Patrol and The I...

Don't forget to check out the backlog, either! There are fantastic episodes featuring the likes of Dave Lee and Lua Valentina, too! Check them all out here. doesn't exist without you!

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Joe Forest

Published 3 months ago


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