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How narrative controls our decisions and perspective shapes our lives

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Why are you reading this article?

I feel like it's important to say that I wanted you to read it. The rebellious spirit appeals to me in a very specific way, so we would probably get along if we met at a party or event.

The narrative we tell ourselves about ourselves creates how we see other people's reactions to our behavior. So I also think it's important to ask yourself why you went against the grain and read this.

Do you think of yourself as a rebel? Did you understand the author was joking? Were you curious as to the contents of the article because they were forbidden or hiding something from those who follow the flock?

How we make decisions is largely based on how we see ourselves. Where our mind goes to first is the obvious answer because of the experiences we've had.

If our experience includes too much rejection, we may apologize for effects that we have no control over. And often people will see that meekness as weakness or inexperience.

If our experience includes heaps of praise, we may never feel that our work is good enough or that people just say those things because we were never given proper, constructive criticisms of our works and that can spill into being overly critical of our own works, and the works of others.

People will often see this as overconfidence or a lack of real world experience because nothing created by human hands is perfect and being critical of small imperfections is portraying your own work as better, even if the only purpose was to give the subject directions to grow in.

Our experiences shape the stories we tell, but we choose how to tell them. What we want to portray ourselves as creates how other people see us.

Everything from the way we dress to the way we do our hair tells everyone around us how to behave and how they can expect us to behave. Even creating a contrast between what we expect and what we are in actuality creates inroads and memorability.

By subverting expectations, we create a unique experience that sticks in the minds of those we encounter.

How others see us, behave around us, and empower us reinforces our own character and persona.

If you think about yourself as an artist or an author, it gives you the confidence to create authentic expressions of your inner self.

If you think of yourself as a mechanic, the way you look at mechanized systems changes and allows you to perceive the problems within those systems, it also affects the way you come at problems.

If someone puts it together, they're most likely is a way to take it apart, fix what is broken and build it again.

Choose who you want to be, and you will become it.

Ó hÓgáin Lysander

Published 6 months ago


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