SPECIAL RELEASE: Does a certain sect of DKMU run your favorite Chaos Magick Group?

Is your local chaos magick group run by DKMU?

6 months ago

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(Please note, DKMU as a WHOLE does not engage in or condone harassment or abuse. They have a lovely Discord and their Facebook group is relatively fun. They also have a nice website to check out at, where you can find many texts to download for free.)

I left a certain sub-group of chaos magick groups close to three months ago now.

I wrote about a little of the experience that eventually made me leave here.

As I've embarked on this new project, brief whispers of rumor are getting told to me, but mostly they are only rumor I think.

That being said, some patterns seem to repeat.

The whispers are many and come via many threads on the web. Though in the overall scheme of things, they are unimportant. A lesson is here to be learned and a magick mystery looking to be unwoven.

Is your local chaos magick group run by DKMU?

According to the whispers, this may be true.

Certain members of certain groups seem unbannable no matter what rules they break, people they harass, threats of doxing, or abuse they inflict. This blanket immunity seems to reach out over several particularly nasty people.

The word on the street is these people are all members of a DKMU sect, and that this particular sect of the order feels they are in charge of these groups. Which seems to be true based on the acquiescence of the leadership teams involved.

I would note that this doesn't seem AT ALL like an overall DKMU effort. More like a few notably fringe members who probably don't get invited to the mixers.

But is there any truth to it all?

Honestly, I don't know, but it makes for an interesting thought exercise. Why is any of this being done? What is the ultimate goal here? Why does anyone feel the need to kowtow to these people if this is true? What skeletons will we find if we all start digging into this mystery?

But if one is in a community that's based on the manipulation of its membership to deal with horrid, abusive people on the daily, and the leadership of these communities are the ones allowing it to happen, I would be a little pissed honestly.

Especially if it was a community where I felt like I'd found a home of like-minded people. I know I'd be asking a lot of questions.

And if these jokers are affiliated with any sect of DKMU, I would have a conscious uncoupling with them.

UPDATE 1/7/2022

After this article was published and started gaining attention, we got more and more contacts about the story. There was some light ribbing in the DKMU FB group at us, but it turns out there is more truth to the story than not.

A member and admin of the Chaos Magick Group in question serves as a senior advisor on the Advocacy Council, a loose conglomeration of occult groups from around FB that seek primarily to educate the community on magick and the occult.

In this same group, a primary abuser in the community known for their hate of trans members of our community, serves as a representative.

DKMU is also involved with the Council, which may have caused the muddling of facts as they were presented originally. They DO NOT seem involved with this event, but there seems to be some backdoor politics going on.

You see, Representative Abuser was booted from said group by Senior Advisor Admin and team for breaking the group rules repeatedly. A campaign was then launched through these back channels (completely unrelated to the Council in anyway) to regain admittance with the support of another admin, we'll call them Admin Scab, within the Chaos Magick Group who's known for being a bigot.

This just goes to show how willing this Chaos Magick Group is to let abusers and harassers run rampant in their community. They often proudly proclaim, "we are not a safe space." This is especially true for women and LGBTQIA+ people in magick.

Full Disclosure: CMC is being considered for a representative position on the Advocacy Council. This was how we could put together the further details of this story.

Joe Forest

Published 6 months ago


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