CMC Special Report: Discrimination in the Occult Community

No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

CMC Special Report: Discrimination in the Occult Community

It is not a hyperbolic commentary to insinuate that discrimination occurs in the occult community much like regular communities.

A warehouse could probably be filled with complaints of discrimination - based on sexual orientation, physical and mental disorders, gender, et. al., but what do we do when a community discriminates against these people? Do we simply ignore it and hope it gets better? Or do we take action?

Today, we'll be talking about a group called VR Mystery School.

It was brought to our attention that this group regularly practices discrimination against people with mental health disorders. In fact, this discrimination is clearly laid out in their rules you agree to before joining.

They both state that they are not doctors while also making value judgements on the mental stability of others. An opinion based judgement, not a factual one. And we can only infer based on the wording that they see people with mental health disorders as a problem for their community, making value judgements based on bias instead of actual medical knowledge.

In a recent instance, soweli Kelo, an individual medically diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, was banned from their community for the simple fact that they have this condition. In the words of TarotReaderFrog, who runs the community:

As you can see, they clearly associate DID with channeling entities, i.e. possession, which seems to be a clearly uninformed and uneducated stance to take, especially since they are self-admittedly not medical professionals.

We did reach out to TarotReaderFrog via Discord to get their side of the story. We identified ourselves and our purpose clearly, with no subterfuge.

When asked what medical expertise they or their moderation team had in order to make value judgements on mental health diagnoses, they became combative instead of answering the questions. They said that the issue with soweli Kelo was a non-issue.

We then asked if they see discrimination of those with mental health conditions or disabilities a non-issue, for clarification on their stance.

They then summarily banned us from their server and deleted all their previous answers from the Discord chat we were having in an attempt to not let the information be shared.

We will say, this is not an instance of a community that needs to be shuttered or "cancelled."

Far from it. For the most part, the community seems to be doing wonderful things in the occult community and people really seem to enjoy it. It's a very well laid out community with tons of useful information.

We would also like to state that we don't believe the community leader, TarotFrogReader, is being willfully discriminatory or even has ill intent. After speaking with them, there is a distinct impression that they do care about their community and the community at large. They are simply misinformed, or perhaps uneducated, about the nature of DID.

What we do believe is that this community should reevaluate, possibly reach out to professional mental health communities, such as the Wildflower Alliance, to better understand these mental health conditions instead of relying on discriminatory rules to make their lives easier or make value judgements on the mental state of others with no real knowledge of the matter.

Not understanding this condition, equating it to channeling and possession when you have no medical expertise on the subject, is simply discrimination against those with pre-existing mental health conditions.

And while a private community with it's own rules is a perfectly acceptable situation, leaving those out in the cold simply for existing as the human beings they are is tantamount to a sign saying "Whites Only" at the drinking fountain. Discrimination is discrimination. There is no grey area there.

We would implore the leaders of the community at VR Mystery School to reconsider their rules, become informed on the condition, and help us all make a safer, more inclusive occult community.

While this is a specific instance of discrimination, this is prevalent in many occult communities.

It is important that we stand up and say this is not right. It is not an attempt to quash communities or to hurt them, but to get them to see that with running a community you take on a responsibility to that community.

We cannot, from a morally responsible position as leaders of these communities, discriminate against POC, LGBTQ+ individuals, differently abled people, people with mental health conditions, or anyone else. Nor can we allow others to discriminate against them in our communities. We should, and can, ensure we are as inclusive as possible to those that want to learn and be productive members of our communities while also giving them a safe space to explore.

Diversity and inclusion makes us all stronger, not weaker.

Have you experienced discrimination or harassment by occult communities? We want to know! Darkness cannot survive in the light. Reach out to us at our Discord.

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