Creator Spotlight: S.J. Tucker

In this Creator Spotlight, we focus on S.J. Tucker and her amazing musical talents!

Creator Spotlight: S.J. Tucker

Without a doubt, S.J. Tucker is a gifted musician, lyricist, and occultist.

At it's heart, her music is about telling a story and putting the listener in a different world to experience the ghostly things that hide just behind the veil. Toss in a bit of folklorist tradition, the wonderful voice, and musical talent, and you have S.J. Tucker in a nutshell.

Hailing from the backwoods of Arkansas, S.J. is a down home girl with big dreams and a big heart to match the amazing talent she brings to the table.

Her earlier music definitely has a folksy feel to it that's comfortable at any outdoor pagan festival environment, and her presence on the stage is likely to get all involved up and on their feet out of pure joy.

However, with her latest two singles, Tucker has strayed into a territory that has made me absolutely fall in love with her music.

Alchemist Eyes evokes shades of Kate Bush mixed with something that probably belongs on the Crow soundtrack. It all comes together for a fantastic sounding audio adventure.

From S.J.'s BandCamp page: "Speaking to those of us who keep the fires of magic & wonder alive in our souls, "Alchemist Eyes" was kicked off in Sooj's songwriting brain by a quote from author Jacob Nordby: we wait, starving for moments of high magic to inspire us, but life is full of common enchantment, waiting for our alchemist eyes to notice."

Her most recent release, Stangelic, which just dropped today, continues the tradition of Alchemist Eyes with it's 80s fueled synthpop gothiness that just works so well with Tuckers tone and depth in her vocals.

The overall composition is a beautiful and mesmerizing experience.

From S.J.: "If this is your groove, please consider a paid download to help me support Lucie's Place of Little Rock. All purchases will go into a donation for that nonprofit, to help them in their work to fight housing discrimination & support LGBTQIA+ indigenous black & brown folx in Arkansas.

See you at my Dec 10 online show with Leslie Hudson if you'd care to join us:"

Personal thoughts

These two songs have been on constant repeat at my house on the daily. The whole tone invokes a homage to those great goth synth electronic acts back in the day. Everyone from the Eurythmics to early NIN.

I would love to see a full showcase of songs within this soundscape from Tucker in a small bar with some laser lights, smoke, and strobe lights, like a laid back occult cyberpunk rave.

Nothing fancy, dive bar chic, about the connection with the audience and the music.

Anyway, go check out S.J. Tuckers BandCamp page ASAP!

Be sure to send a few coins her way for giving us such awesome music and show her some support online by sharing her videos!

You can also check out her new channel on, S.J. Tucker Music! doesn't exist without you!

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