Creator Spotlight: Sammy Gravis

By tapping into the raw source of chaos and creativity, Sammy Gravis expresses her deepest thoughts, feelings, and self.

Creator Spotlight: Sammy Gravis

By tapping into the raw source of chaos and creativity, Sammy Gravis expresses her deepest thoughts, feelings, and self.

It’s a way of connecting to the strange, the unusual, and the taboo. The stranger, the better. Sammy found the expression of art at a young age. She attended Idaho State University, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, with a minor in mass communication and women’s studies.

Growing up, she had a Catholic Mother and a father who didn’t believe or trust any religion. This polarity caused her to identify with Atheism and was an avid science lover. Despite identifying as an atheist, she always had supernatural and intuitive experiences she couldn’t truly explain. It wasn’t until she found Quantum Physics that she found that space in which connected science with spirituality.

While in school, she delved deep into various Eastern religions, cultures, and belief systems, slowly making her way to the Western beliefs. She experimented and explore, finding what worked best for her personal practice. She has found a deep connection with nature, and is a proud plant mom of over 100 plants.

While Sammy is an artist foremost, and she has built a graphic and web design business, CreativeTap Studios.

While she stays true to her own creative process, she finds joy in helping bring to life other people’s visions for the websites, logos, graphics, and digital designs.

In her free time, Sammy finds her peace in nature, nurturing her plants, and spending time with family, friends, and her fur babies. She enjoys reading books, movies, and delving into the omniverse of comic books.

Sammy has a natural gift of divination, and discovered tarot about 20 years ago when she was 14. While she doesn’t do it professionally, it has always been something she felt deeply connected to. Which she finds ironic, because she always identified as an atheist until the past few years. She combined her art with her passion for tarot and is the creator of the tarot deck, Source Tarot.

Source Tarot was initially inspired by the newspaper.

The newspaper originally was a place where people got information about what was going on locally and about the world. Sammy was deeply inspired by how the news has turned into something different, not always a place to be trusted. Over the past few years, Sammy noticed the spread of misinformation in the modern world, and looked at where we get our information. She saw people hear something without seeking the truth of the source.

Source Tarot reminds us to turn into our highest truth, ensuring channeling through a healthy connection with ourselves and the surrounding energy. Some may call the “Source” God, the dead, an Old God, or whatever feels TRUE to the individual. Tapping into “Source” is the highest level of raw, unfiltered energy to seek the inner truth. But ultimately an unfiltered, direct source of raw truth.

Source Tarot’s fundraiser on Kickstarter starts today. Go check it out! You can find further info about Sammy's work by visiting her Link Tree.

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