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Hey there, chaos fam! We have tons of new updates this week. 2022 has kicked off with quite the start and we're super excited about the stuff we hope to bring all of you over the course of the next year.

5 months ago

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Hey there, chaos fam!

We have tons of new updates this week. 2022 has kicked off with quite the start and we're super excited about the stuff we hope to bring all of you over the course of the next year.

We also hope you're all healthy out there. The dirge of the pandemic continues on for another year, and we encourage you all to stay safe. We will document thoroughly our pandemic years and they will forever remain in the minds of several generations.

Our topics this week include:

Stuff to do:

The Tower has come for us all!

The Tower card has many ominous meanings in the Tarot, but it is also oft noted that the positive qualities of the card are many as well.

Change is something the Tower speaks on and change is what's required in the coming year. Adaptation to our environment and our own psyche. We must confront things that are holding us back and face them honestly and objectively.

Progress means so many things, but nothing more so than self-improvement, and making small habits leads to big ones. So make a small habit to progress today!

In the magick realm, chaos magick adapts like no other. Do not resist change, but lean into it and mold it into something that works for you. Presents
A deeper look into the world of the occult, including interviews from members of the Illuminates of Thanateros and other contemporary Chaos Magicians. Hosted by Co-Founders Joel and Joe. Produced and recorded by the Chaos Magick Association for th...
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Daily Magicks: Keeping a magick journal... is it necessary?

Okay, so the long and short of this is that keeping a magickal journal does drastically increase your skill. I highly recommend it, but it's a struggle even for me.

Magickal journaling serves a lot of purposes. They allow you to refine your magickal practice, serve as a reminder of past experimentation, and provide a historical reference for future generations of magicians/witches/occultists.

The problem for most people seems in finding the time to write these things we do. We lead busy lives in the modern world. Who has time to record every moment?

Wait a tick... I just got a notification on my Insta. I must check the 'Gram, y'all.

Ahh, on second thought, maybe we all DO have the time to journal, but maybe we're just not as dedicated as we might think we are.

Instead of looking at your magickal journaling as a chore, perhaps you should look at it as ritual. For example, I'm trying to make it the constant wrap-up of my day. A short hand-written entry with perhaps a sigil or two.

Give it a shot and see if it helps you out!

Of interest:

If not us, then who?

I wrestle constantly with the fact that I'm getting older and this means those younger look to me occasionally for some sort of guidance. I have never enjoyed the roles of leader, teacher, or role model.

That being said, there is no doubt that I have gained some influence, and as Roxi likes to say, "If you have influence, you have responsibility."

So, here I am. Trying to bring a little accountability to the occulture and progressing our art firmly into the psychic consciousness of the 21st century. I have no desire to be a gatekeeper, merely a watchdog.

The IOT actually has a position in their magickal order called the Insubordinate. The sole purpose of this role is to make sure that the people under their watch stay true to their intent. I have found a certain fondness for this concept.

So, I will be the Insubordinate, initiated or otherwise. I invite others to join me in this venture and call accountable the bad actors and the bad communities in our midst.

Remember, together we are mighty. Together, we can enforce the change in the world we want to see. Submissions
The place to submit articles and art to

CMC 2022 State of the Association Address: Tending an Occult Digital Garden
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Venus/Mercury Retrograde 2022
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Curse Of Persephone
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The Dark Roots of Alt-Right Occultism
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History of Servitors
A guide to servitors.

The Last Word: "The buck stops here."

U.S. President Harry S. Truman made the phrase "the buck stops here" a popular term, meaning that it is up to leaders in the community to make decisions and then accept ultimate responsibility for those decisions. He had a plaque with the saying on his desk in the Oval Office to remind him of this responsibility daily.

CMC is a place where not only diverse voices in the occult can come together but also to serve as a platform of truth. The cockroaches that infest our community run in the light's presence, their behavior excused in these dark corners of the web no longer.

We hold no loyalty to One, but offer our allegiance to the Many. If questions need to be asked, we will ask them. If there are incidents that need investigated, we will investigate them. If the people demand answers, we will attempt to answer them.

This is not an attempt to bring others down or destroy groups or place ourselves at the top of some imaginary pyramid of influence. It is so the people will have a source of truth that can rely on, even if only to beg the questions.

So the buck stops here. Play nice out there.

Some random altar porn:

The altar of Mistah V
Lady Chaos
Roxi Phoenix
Mercarus Abraxas doesn't exist without you!

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