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Welcome to 2022, Chaos Fam!

6 months ago

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Welcome to 2022, Chaos Fam!

I write this while fireworks serve as my auditory background and my love lounges on the bed before her return trip home. While 2021 was another rough one, 2022 at least feels hopeful in many other ways.

2021 brought a lot of new things into my life - the website, new magickal partners in crime, a cool girlfriend, my kids back with me, talking with and meeting some of the most amazing magick people ever.

The list could go on and on. Being rich isn't always about money. Sometimes it's about the experiences you get to have.

This Week's Topics:

For less than the cost of an energy drink, you can support independent occult publishing!

CMC is a project designed to give a voice to those that may think they have none in the occult realm, chronicle our history and legacy, and make entering the world of chaos magick easier and more reliable. Our goals are to give these voices a platform, so we can all learn from one another and the diversity of perspectives we embrace. We also want to keep you up to date on our culture and preserve the integrity of the teachings of those that came before us. Right now, we only have the site itself. With your help though, we want to grow into a full publishing operation dedicated to helping you get your truth to the people that may need to hear it most. If you can, please consider supporting us in our project! 

Support Independent Occult Publishing

Becoming consumed with your work is a very real hazard when performing any act repeatedly. With magick, it's important to realize when you've reached a point of obsession and burnout.

The reasons are many, but your mental health is absolutely the most important. Many a magician has been led to ruin by simply not taking the time to step away temporarily.

Magick, specifically chaos magick IMHO, with it's dogma and paradigm shattering, can cause a special kind of burnout. If you go too deep down the rabbit hole, you never know what fantasy your mind might conjure to protect you.

Better to take a holiday than to burn out and fade away.

RIP Betty White. 1922-2021.

Daily Magicks: Cleaning up and cleansing your living and work spaces.

It's easy to forget the mundane things we can do that produce magickal results. With both the chatter of the consensus reality in our heads and the buzz of magick in our souls, we can easily overlook common things that can help us both in our daily life and our practice.

A clean living and work space is a big deal for your state of mind. Clutter and a messy environment can affect you both physically and mentally. So, in the New Year, maybe it's time to make some simple changes.

Schedule a day for cleaning and cleansing. Remove the clutter from your life, get rid of things you don't need, donate some stuff to charity. Above all, make your space more breathable and livable.

Afterwards, with a little routine maintenance, you can get your home and work spaces free to do your best work!

CMC Presents, Se01 Ep03: Creation and Destruction featuring Amun Disalvatron and Dave Lee!

This episode features two amazing magicians, Amun Disalvatron and Dave Lee.

Amun is an artist, craftsman, and animal whisperer of some renown. His tales of intuitive and wild magick will mesmerize you.

Dave Lee is a legendary figure in the world of chaos magick, penning books like Chaotopia!, serving as a prominent IOT figure, and educating in the field of magick.

Join us as we examine Creation and Destruction in this episode of CMC Presents!

A great YouTube series on various IOT members!

The Illuminates of Thanateros and Me Part 1

The Thoughtform Scale
Through trial and error, chaotes have found many ways to gift autonomy to the rogue ideas which swirl within their psyche, and just how powerful these pseudo-spirits will become mostly seems to depend upon the ingenuity of the magickian themselves.
History of Gnosis
Gnosis is described as true and primordial knowledge, different from purely rational or logical knowledge.
You Viral Gods
Many chaotes consider a staunchly agnostic stance to be their default setting between magickal operations.
Psychokinesis 101
Getting the ball rolling so it can snowball into something bigger
SPECIAL RELEASE: Does a certain sect of DKMU run your favorite Chaos Magick Group?
Is your local chaos magick group run by DKMU?
Subliminal Memetics
Symbols are everywhere, and in the internet age even more so.
Magick! Mercenaries! & Memes! 010
A transitionary tale of magick in the time of the pandemic!
Chaos Magick In a Nutshell
Magic is an art form.

The Last Word: Hail the Nu-Dawn, or What It's Like Leading a Secret Cabal!

I'm not even going to lie. The best rumor I heard about myself in 2021 is that I'm the leader of a secret cabal. They even gave us a name - the Chucklefuck Gang.

It feels a little like winning some sort of award when these things happen. Someone in the occult community talks smack like kids in a cafeteria in grade school. Next thing you know, you're the leader of super sekrit cult trying to rid the world of them.

Of course, my first thoughts when I heard this are, "What's the protocol here? Do I have to do something like a potluck to welcome people to the cult? Should I buy robes? How many gallons of kool-aid should I make?"

It was very disconcerting for a bit there, but then I realized I didn't have to worry about any of these details at all. Seeing as how my new fans would just make this all up for me, anyway.

Fiction is funny that way.

Oh, and here's a thing sung to the tune of The Lollipop Guild as an earworm for the new year...

We represent the Chucklefuck Gang, The Chucklefuck Gang, The Chucklefuck Gang And in the name of the Chucklefuck Gang, We wish to welcome you to Chucklefuckland. We represent the Chucklefuck Gang, The Chucklefuck Gang, The Chucklefuck Gang And in the name of the Chucklefuck Gang,We wish to welcome you to Chucklefuckland. We welcome you to Chucklefuckland, Tra la la la la la la! From now on you'll be history.You'll be history, you'll be history, you'll be history. And we will glorify your name. You will be a bust, be a bust, be a bust In the Hall of Fame!

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