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Getting ready for the new year, cooking is magick, and we're not in a competition.

6 months ago

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Wooty Woot! It's a new year!

Another one has come and gone and we get ready to wrap up 2021, march forward with 2022, and hope we don't somehow end up with a zombie variant of COVID-19.

Two years in and the pandemic looks as strong as it ever was, but the fatigue of being constantly on our guard has worn us all down. The overall burnout is real.

But how does one avoid that? In today's world, how does one get back any sort of peace of mind and relax?

That's what we'll examine in this week's issue!

Fake it 'til you make it, baby!

2021 has almost felt like a year of stagnation around the globe. The pandemic, unrest in the streets, and tornadoes in December.

But it's almost a new year, right?!

You're probably going to be tempted to make a bunch of stupid promises to yourself on a drunken binge one day real soon. Here's some life coach advice...

Fuck that shit.

Stop telling yourself stupid little lies and start doing some actual stuff. Make your bed every day, do some pushups, meditate for ten minutes. Fuck an Atkins diet. Just eat some breakfast for god's sake.

Seriously, it's the little things that will help you progress. Large overtures routinely fail, but a habit becomes a thing you can rely on. Consistency is key.

I bet you've said, "I need to meditate more!"

For whatever reason, you can't find the time, right? Busy life, work is hard, kids, bills, sugar babies on OF to pay... the modern world is busy.

But you can find the time.

You just slip it in somewhere else. Do multiple things at the same time. Stop playing checkers and pick up 5-D chess. (Not literally. That shit is way harder than it sounds. Some nerd right now is thinking to themselves, "Hmmph, I can play 5-D chess." Well, good for you, nerd. You are valid and loved, too.)

Just pick something you want to be better at. One thing. Something simple. Then do that. Then pick something else. Do that.

Also, learn when to give yourself a break.

It's okay to be selfish and take some "me" time. In fact, if you don't, all hell will break loose around you. Chill out, forgive yourself mistakes, do something that helps you unwind.

As you can see, you don't have to be a rocket surgeon to Grok this stuff.

Simple measures make for substantial change.

Daily Magicks: Kitchen Abundance with Magick!

No, I will not talk about making some weird love stew for your next Mormon soaking party. We're going to talk about being thankful for your food, and putting that energy into the meal!

Making a meal is, without a doubt, a ritual.

From the gathered ingredients, to the measuring of things, to the combination and transmutation into edible end product, it's very much the "witch's brew" of daily behaviors.

Someone once showed me how we can find a peaceful meditation in making our food, thank the universe for our abundance, and seek a boon for further good days ahead. The only necessary sacrifice is our focused attention for the time we planned on using to make food anyway, a chore which can sometimes be tedious.

This is a great and simple way to combine a lot of different techniques to further you down your occult path.

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I will not compete with you, because this is not a competition.

In today's world of cut throat occultism, I think I'm just not going to play the way many others seem to want to play.

No, I will not engage you when you talk shit or make threats.

No, I will not take part in "internet magick wars" via memes and insults.

No, I will not present myself as "better" than anyone else.

That's not what this is about. This isn't a competition. We're not enemies, no matter how much the imaginary war in your head rages. You're not fighting with me. You're fighting with yourself.

There's more than enough room for all of us at the table in the occult world.

I sit at the ethical chaos magick table in the cafeteria. If that sounds like your table, you're more than welcome to any seat as far as I can tell.

If you don't sit at that ethical table? No problem, but I also have the freedom to not visit your table, acknowledge it, or even act as if it exists. You're a non-entity to me the vast majority of time, a minor annoyance at others.

This does not make us enemies, though. I'm at war with no one but myself. The petty melodrama in which you exist is distant and fuzzy in reception on my inner network of giving a shit. I catch it in syndication sometimes for a laugh before changing it to Charles in Charge, when Scott Baio was America's sweetheart and not a Kek Kult Krew member.

As an occultist, a publisher, and a writer, I feel it's an honor and privilege to help others be seen.

There are many voices that desire and deserve to be heard from a diverse choir of beautifully voiced magicians. Some are POC, some are LGTQIA+, some are Indigenous, some are merely explorers, and all deserve to be heard if they would be.

Along those same lines, I feel a responsibility to call out unacceptable behavior in our community, because it means so much to me. These voices only deserve to be heard as cautionary tales to scare the noobies.

So, I guess if you fall on the spectrum that sees no problem with manipulation of others to achieve your magickal ends, you might see me as your enemy, your competition.

But there is no competition. We're not even playing the same game. ;-)

The Occulturist

Published 6 months ago


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