CMC Press Release: Accepts Role on the Advocacy Council

CMC is proud to announce that we have accepted a role on the Advocacy Council.

CMC Press Release: Accepts Role on the Advocacy Council

CMC is proud to announce that we have accepted a role on the Advocacy Council.

The purpose of the Council is to encourage intergroup cooperation, to create supportive programs that benefit the constituent membership, and to promote a growing sense of community among the online Occult groups.

This stated objective aligns perfectly with what CMC is doing, so we accepted this role with humility and an eye towards having a voice that directly affects multiple organizations.

History of the Advocacy Council

The Advocacy Council was established on November 29, 2014 in response to a call to meet the needs of individuals in the community who were in crisis. The idea was to gather together like-minded magic users who were willing to reach out to community members in distress and be a supportive resource. The Council was originally eight people and a simple purpose to be of help to others as they journeyed along the way.

The first act as a group was to declare themselves a Council. The next act was, through the process of voting, to write and affirm the founding charter and to enshrine in the document the function of voting and the election of leadership that would be accountable for its actions and responsive to the collective will of the Council. While it seems an obvious and readily available means of self governance, it was a unique and not altogether guaranteed choice. It was thought that a group of chaotes arising from CMG 1.O might find collective decision making or consensus administration a tricky proposal.

The very first principle that was expressed by the Council was that Occult Education was an underlying and necessary component of any community outreach. There was an obvious need for sharing occult and magical wisdom to the next generation of magic users and it was determined that this would be a guiding principle. It was determined that a mentoring program would be the first step and the Learning Annex was mandated by a Council vote and student enrollment began almost immediately. The Council determined that there should also be certain operating principles that would guide this program: oversight, administrative professionalism, educational criteria that could be measurable. These three aspects of program operations have become the foundation of all mandated programs and have defined Council educational undertakings. From this initial mentoring program has arisen three unique and operational schools of instruction meeting the needs of a combined student body of nearly two-thousand. Each school operates with administrators and educational guidelines, with final oversight resting with the Advocacy Council.

Initially, the Council considered itself an independent extension of CMG (Chaos Magick Group) and seated an Admin from CMG 1.0 as a nonvoting observer. As must always be the case in growing, there came a conflict between the Council and the admins over the function of voting, and the Council was unwilling to submit to arbitrary and capricious directives.

This conflict ended with CMG 1.0 withdrawing from the Council and the members of the Council voting to expand their purpose and direction. The Council determined that any group that was being served by the Learning Annex and Council activities should have a representative with voting rights seated on the Council and that group should have an equal voice in the decisions of the Council.

One by one, representatives from each group were added, and the Council became a representative body of an online occult community. No longer was there a single focus of group involvement, but a more expanded and diverse membership
with the purpose of collective support of individual groups and each group, through its representative, taking part in the collective direction and decisions of
the Council.

As always, our goals remain the same.

We seek to encourage more diversity, giving a voice to the voiceless, and we seek to mitigate the damage done by bad actors in the community.

For our team, this is not about gaining power, fame, or recognition, but to be good stewards of our occult community, to protect those in need, and to ensure that future generations of chaote understand the legacy and responsibility they bear.

Accountability is key to a community thriving, and this means doing the work to ensure that comes into being.

We look forward to working with the other members and representatives of the Advocacy Council in order to bring our community to a better place.

~ JF