What's the Deal with Dogma?

One philosophical approach to resisting the bonds of adherence to dogmas.

7 months ago

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One of the primary reasons that chaos magick works so well is because it resists embracing any dogmatic approach to magick results.

I cannot emphasize it enough that becoming locked inside a particular dogma, even one of your own creation, should be anathema to the modern chaote.


When we become locked into concepts, into narrow facets of thought, we lose a few things in doing chaos magick.

Essentially, chaos magick is a more analytical approach to magick as a whole. To produce greater results, the chaote will take whatever approach works from whatever source they need.

They rigorously test their theoretical magick works, document them, and move on to the next iteration of their work. The hope is to get even greater results once you tweak the "formula." This is very much in line with the scientific method.

Other occult forms get stuck in what they know, what they teach, and what that accept will work. They rarely, if ever, learn to color outside the lines and make something new.

This slavish devotion to dogmatic approaches to magick produces diminishing returns.

It limits what you can accomplish. It ignores the true potential you can achieve as a magician.

Now, many will argue that systems like Thelema or Kaballah or [insert dogmatic system name] are essentially more powerful because they are focused on perfecting age-old techniques that have proven to work in the past. This is like saying that your stock engine Chevy is going to beat the souped up rice burner with a turbo.

These other systems will get you there. That much is true.

But do you really want to take the slow lane, or do you want to take the badass muscle car to get there?

Another thing that I've seen many chaotes fall prey to is becoming mired in their own, personal dogmas. They've experimented, their process works, so let's just keep the thing working and not push anymore.

Again, the law of diminishing returns rears its ugly head. When you go to the well too many times, you'll find the water gets scarce and harder to pull.

So, my advice is to constantly invite challenge of your perceptions.

Never stop questioning your methods and the methods of others. Take what works for you and use it. And always, always, always keep pushing for greater results by mixing things up.

Don't fall into the traps the gurus have laid down for you. The greatest magical tool is your mind. It would be a shame if you wasted that.

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The Occulturist

Published 7 months ago


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