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Our inaugural episode of Presents, featuring Tommie Kelly and Julian Vayne!

7 months ago

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In the inaugural episode of the Presents Podcast...

...your hosts Joel and Joe dive into the enormous task of trying to explain what Chaos Magick started as, what it has become and the direction it is headed in.

They also enlist the help of two amazing practitioners who have walked the path and are forging ahead.

Tommie Kelly of Adventures in Woo Woo.

Tommie is a fantastic mage who created the Forty Servants, an oracle deck and full magick system that uses servitors and archetypes to explore the deeper meaning of the questions we ask of it and provides tools to bring those revealed intentions to fruition. He talks about his ongoing comic book project, Turbine Syndrome and many of his other artistic works in music and other mediums.

Check out his projects and more about him on his website.

The second interview is with Julian Vayne, an Elder of the Illuminates of Thanateros.

Julian is a widely recognized occultist who is known for his explorations of altered states and ethnogens. He is also a prolific author, teacher, and speaker who has written many titles that delve into what Chaos Magick is and how it is at the nexus of the philosophy and culture, including: Getting Higher, Chaos Craft, and Pharmakon.

Check out what Julian is up to over at his website or on the other projects he works on, like the Fungi Academy, Breaking Convention, and Tami Integration.

Percussion and Bass by Dustin Fugere, check out his other projects The Foilies and Swamp Ritual

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Joe Forest

Published 7 months ago


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