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Welcome, once again, to another dose of the Weekly Chaote!If you're just joining us, we're a very diverse collective of chaos magicians and vagabonds from other areas of occulture

7 months ago

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Welcome, once again, to another dose of the Weekly Chaote!

If you're just joining us, we're a very diverse collective of chaos magicians and vagabonds from other areas of occulture who've all banded together-ish to write some stuff about magick.

There are some truly interesting takes on what we do as magicians over on the site, but please remember that everyone's opinions are their own. CMC is not pushing a unilateral message on chaos magick.

Here's what we're going to talk about this week in the newsletter!

Let's get Spooky & Kooky for the Holidays!

I have a tendency to loathe Christmas. Not because I'm a bah humbug type of person, but because I hate the commercialized bottom-feeder contest it's become. So, I avoid the traditional trappings of the season.

A few years back, myself and a roommate tried to celebrate as many holidays in the month of December as we possibly could. It was a real eye-opener. Immersing yourself inside these cultures, even if only for a few moments, gives you a genuine appreciation for the more spiritual side of the season.

During this holiday season, I encourage you to attempt something new. Do things differently. Break the traditions, break the paradigms you're used to and have a Chaote Holiday!

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Daily Magicks: Put them in a jar.

Have you ever had a night where you were beset on all sides by nightmares or restlessness? Perhaps feeling like you're being watched in your own home?

After doing a good banishing ritual, this feeling might not go away. Sometimes, magicks are thrown our way that linger. Sometimes it's an errant spirit. Occasionally, it's those pesky thought forms.

For these particularly troublesome issues, I like to throw them in a jar.

The jar is metaphorical, of course. Not unlike the genie's lamp, it serves as an object easily obtained to serve as a prison. You can do all sorts of things to the bottle - draw sigils on it, paint it black, whatever. That part doesn't really matter.

I find smoke from incense works well to "hide" your motives, so you may try that too.

What matters is putting something in it and not letting it out until you're good and ready.

If you know something is lurking about your home, take something shiny (I like little mirrors) and put it in the jar. From there, simply focus on putting the unwanted energy into the jar. This may take several cleansing sessions, depending on the type of entity. Please note, this doesn't work for more powerful deities as far as I can tell.

Once you feel the energy clear, take the bottle, seal it up, and go bury it if you can.

That's all there is to it. You can go find really complicated jar spells and do those if you'd like, but all the pretense is completely unnecessary.


This Month's Podcast release is here! CMC Presents Duncan Barford & Lionel Snell!


That's why I was pleasantly surprised when talking to both our guests at CMC Presents this month. Their approaches to magick are both highly spiritual and artistic.


Wise beyond his years, Duncan always looks at the questions posed and sees them from another perspective. Far from your average "hot takes," he really sees into the heart of each issue and addresses it in a unique and insightful way.

With a clever mind and patient ways, Duncan is an absolute joy to speak with about the occult and magick, and I'm sure you'll agree once you listen.

Check out his website Occult Experiments in the Home,, and his OEITH podcast. You can also like, subscribe, and follow his work on his YouTube channel.


A wonderful person to chat with who has amazing insight into the origins of Chaos Magick and the world of the occult. There's never a dull moment with this one, folks!

With many titles and earth-shattering ideas that titillate the mind and enrich the soul, he really gets to the heart of the roots of Chaos Magick.

After studying at Cambridge, he fell into the crowd of newborn chaos magicians and was once lauded as putting "the magick back in magick."

It's impossible to listen and not be taken back to an era of coffee shops and occult books in the rural countryside of England.

You can check out Spare Parts here.  

His upcoming coffee-table book Hellgate Chronicles should be available on his website.

You should definitely check out his videos on his YouTube channel, subscribe, and turn on notifications.

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“Nothing is Real. Everything is Permitted.” Your #1 online source for chaos magick entertainment, culture, and history.

Don't buy your own bullshit. Sometimes the dogma limiting you is the one you created yourself.

I hear it a lot.

"Your magick doesn't work for me. What's wrong with it?"

Well... nothing. It works just fine for me.

But maybe the problem isn't the magick. Maybe the problem is you. And perhaps the biggest issue is you can't get over your own ego.

Many people get into magick to gain a sense of empowerment they don't have in their daily lives. It's actually one of the biggest benefits of a magick practice. That being said, it has its own pitfalls.

Self-confidence and belief in oneself is an intensely important trait for a magician of any sort. Unwarranted over-confidence is a detriment to your evolution. After 20+ years of doing magick, I've learned our biggest road block in progression is typically ourselves.

I've yet to do a magick working I believed in that didn't work. I've yet to do a magick working I didn't believe in that worked. The result was usually because of my bias in paradigm and ego.

So, let go of your own dogma. Stop buying your own bullshit. Become the magician you were meant to become.

The Occulturist

Published 7 months ago


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