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One thing I think that's supremely important in magick is to hold yourself accountable.

6 months ago

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One thing I think that's supremely important in magick is to hold yourself accountable.

When one does magick of any sort, you're reaching out into the universe and tweaking things, adjusting probabilities to favor yourself or others. To do this with no regard is dangerous, selfish, and, honestly, evil.

This week, we'll continue focusing on the ethical use of magick and the accountability a true magician must have for their actions.

In this issue:

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Accountability and the Magician

It's no secret that most of the chaos magick groups and pages online are full of trolls, abusers, and harassers. This subset of "chaos magicians" are little more than the high school bullies. Very little interest in magick itself, but a lot of interest in getting their rocks off belittling and abusing others.

A question we should all be asking ourselves, however, is why is this allowed? Surely the admins and owners of these groups do something about this, right?

In short, and in most cases, the answers to those questions are no. In fact, they foster this environment for whatever reasons they have. Whether it's to collect energy or manipulate large groups of people, it seems more like mad scientists playing god than trying to foster a community dedicated to magick.

There's ALWAYS been drama in magick circles and there always will be. That's what happens when you have people coming into their power without understanding their responsibilities once they have.

The primary responsibility is to hold oneself accountable for your actions. This is true in the mundane world as much as in the magick world.

For example, if you're out there slinging shit and hexes at people, there's a pretty good chance that your life is probably in the toilet most of the time. There's a reason for this.

What you give is what you get.

For those that have been doing this for a while, they will almost universally tell you that everything is cyclical and there is always a price to pay for your actions, good or bad. There's no free lunch. It's pay to play in some form or fashion.

Therefore, accountability for what you do, whether that be personal magicks or manipulating large groups, is so important.

For thousands upon thousands of years, the magician, shaman, witch, and other magick workers have been doing what we do, but in the shadows because of the fear of being persecuted.

In this new day and age, they accept us mostly, but that will not last if we don't hold ourselves accountable for what we do. Eventually, if we keep acting without accountability, we'll become the scapegoats again and they will light the torches and they will hunt us down again.

When we influence others, when we provide space for others to act, it is our responsibility as stewards of the craft we practice to stand vanguard and protect others from harm.

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Daily Magicks: Servitor Creation

Servitors are among the most useful magicks one can do. These thought forms are versatile and powerful, but there are some cautions one should take when creating them.

First, what is a servitor? According to Wikipedia, they are "a psychological complex, deliberately created by the magician for a specific purpose, that appears to operate autonomously from the magician's consciousness; i.e., as if it were an independently existing being."

This definition is as accurate as any. Essentially, they are an extension of the magician sent out to do various tasks. Some are fire and forget, and some work continuously.

Here are the basics of servitor creation:

Personally, I like to draw my servitors. I give them an image of themselves to help solidify their power and their ability to operate in consensus reality.

I will caution you though, dear reader, this is not something you want to do in a half-assed manner. Servitors have been known to cause all sorts of damage if they're not properly made, cared for, and maintained.

Speak your truth and be free.

I've spoken with many magicians who have told me they don't feel comfortable sharing their magick thoughts with others.

A lot of this has to do with established magicians poo pooing their take on things as if it is invalid. Most of these established magicians are the sort that cozy up to dogmatic paradigms and believe their way is the only way. Their ego limits them in their ability, but they don't see it that way.

I'm here to tell you that speaking your truth, telling your magickal story, is some of the most powerful magick you can commit to. It is giving into a certain type of vulnerability that most find difficult to consider. However, once you do, you will see tremendous growth in yourself and your magick.

You see, magick likes to be acknowledged as a thing that works. Committing this to words or art or video or whatever form of communication you're most comfortable with is speaking this power into being. You're inviting the magick to work with you and through you to do amazing things.

So, do not fear speaking your words to the world. There will be those that attempt to tear you down, but they hold no power over you unless you let them. Submissions
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Being humble while remaining self confident is a thing many people have a problem with.

This occurs not only in the occult world but also in everyday life. How many times, for example, have you run into someone with an unnecessarily high level of unjustified self-confidence?

They say things like:

Bottom line, people like this still have a long way to go before they come into their full power.

To come into that power, one must face their demons and also make themselves vulnerable. Yes, you heard that right. To come into your powerful, you must embrace vulnerability.

This vulnerability comes in many forms, but humility is the strongest form of vulnerability a magician can embrace to come fully into their own power.

Being humble doesn't mean you have to take people's shit. It just means you should think before you speak, respect others as they respect you, and get it out of your head that you're the end-all, be-all of magicians.

That's just pride fucking with you.

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