Chaos Magick in the Land of Babel

Is there something truly wrong in the chaos magick community?

Chaos Magick in the Land of Babel

The punk rock pirate rebellion of Chaos Magick from the 90s and 00's has lost its sense of self and purpose and moved on to indulging in being a satire of itself.

We've avoided developing a culture of magick in favor of an anti-culture based on the fear of being co-opted or becoming hypocrites. Maybe we're not willing to admit it, but there's a visceral sense that Chaos Magick failed and I think we've been living in a state of zombification for more than 10 years. Like we gave ourselves a deadline and when the Weird Bombs didn't go off (at least, certainly not in the way we fantasized they would) we no longer knew what we were supposed to be doing.

We don't have a common language of magick.

We spend far too much time saying the same things, but differently, and demand that our personal languages and private gnosis be validated before we can have a decent conversation on magical theory. You can ask 3 people what a Servitor is and you'll probably get 4 answers if you're lucky.

It's okay to have an Outer Yard where we speak in a common tongue, and still have our Inner Yard with our private language and personal gnosis left completely valid and inviolable. Being completely resistant to the idea of a common language of magick based on some paranoid fear of future catastrophe of control or manipulation is a trauma response not a reasonable deliberate choice made by a rational adult.

Rather than have no conversation about that we can at least discuss how to better create a public commons that is safe for everyone.

We've got no vision for the context of the magician in today's society that isn't within the confines of Capitalism.

People think "I want to make a living off my magick!" rather than simply living magically, and don't get me wrong I understand the feeling. We become craftspeople and sell goods and services, we work at occult shops, some of us try our hand at Content Creation. However, this is what gives rise to these Cults of Personality because when we make magick a function of survival in a Capitalist System rather than the best practice for resistance against it we invite the incentive to exploit others which is the fundamental growth force of that ideology INTO our magick as it becomes our Brand.

I think the only example of an active force within the Chaos Magick scene that seems to intuitively understand this and is doing more walk and less talk about it would be the Hexorian Movement.

They are, right now, what I see as the bright spot in a murky landscape of occulture who are trying to articulate their context and establish a real culture of magick. doesn't exist without you!

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