Chaos Magic: My Savior and Guide to Salvation

By taking a snapshot of what is currently present in reality.

7 months ago

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To create through our shadow and befriend that of what refuses to acknowledge itself of truest, unadulterated form.

By taking a snapshot of what is currently present in reality.

As a means to capture a physical form of reality with intentions on converting it into digital mediums.

These are then broken into fractured parts and then reformed. A digital destruction into a new creation!

As a procedure: Convert a snapshot of reality, make a digital version, embed symbology, destroy it, and reform, then make a physical form of it.

In 2013, I had an onset of a neurodegenerative disorder that resulted in a state of status epilepticus (multiple seizures on a consistent basis.)

I was at my last bouts of hope and everything I attempted to resolve the issue was not working. I began studying neurology in depth, as well as occultism.

It was during the times of these studies I found chaos magick within, very well hidden, a community online. With the community's influence, I began practicing again. After all, there was nothing left for me to lose. All I had by this point was my mind. A quest for a new type of creation through an alternate form of destruction.

On a whim one day, I had traveled out into a remote forest.

I sang a song to the gods that may or may not be asking for medicine. After about ten hours of walking and singing, I found an exotic-looking fungus growing in the treetops.

Taking it home and having it identified, I found it treated all the symptoms of the illness I had been experiencing. On a hunch, I theorized that my Gaba-A receptor was not functioning properly, lacking the ability to provide necessary neuroprotective transmitters.

Using art, song and chaos magick, along with other highly experimental chemical research of my own development, I had finally found a working treatment.

I am now seizure free for 4 years without depending on Big Pharma's chemical markets. The doctors said it would be impossible to be free of my symptoms. I was told that the only treatment was to take mood stabilizers that would kill my liver. Therefore, a need to schedule repeat visits to their clinics was necessary for closely monitoring liver function, besides pricey med prescriptions.

I have learned, within this domain, there reflects our individual psyches. Through manipulating our beliefs and thoughts, we can also manipulate our physical world. Our thoughts are the foundation on which we create reality. This has shown me secrets of its smallest parts, expressed in quantum physics, psychology and mathematics.

Chaos magick is my personal salvation and savior and spiritual leader.

I give a special thanks to the communities and individual practitioners who have taken the time to help me. Those of whom have opened the doors towards these life-changing discoveries.

Much love.


Published 7 months ago


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