Breaking the Mold: Exploring New Paradigms in Magick

Get outside of your box!

Monochrome caricature of a man with an out of perspective head, pieces of himself shattering off like glass, screaming.

It's easy to get stuck in a loop.

The familiar paths we tread make us feel secure and safe in our own power. They are a comfort in an uncomfortable world.

But they do not inspire growth. Only change can do that.

And when we become stuck in the paradigms of our occult practice, this magician believes we do ourselves a complete disservice. We limit the capability of the magick before we even make it so.

In chaos magick circles, this is typically a pretty easy transition on any given day, but let's say you're a Thelemite or a Wiccan and trying a new paradigm on for size seems like a betrayal of your beliefs.

First of all, it's not a betrayal of your practice. Seriously, it really isn't.

You can be Wiccan or practice Thelema or even be a Priest in the Catholic Church, et al., as long as you don't break the intent of your practice's core beliefs, you'll probably be fine with whatever pantheon you deal with.

The experience of stepping into the shoes of the other gives us invaluable insight. And you don't have to "practice" said things necessarily. The consumption and understanding of a magickal practice is magick unto itself.

In the occult, knowledge truly is power. It allows one to protect not only themselves but those they love. It's powerful because it is true.

Again, I advise you to follow whatever your core tenets teach when venturing down this path, but it's a worthwhile path to explore.

Second, that knowledge can be passed on to others, and your experience could be integral to that person's own journey, that person's protection, and that person's life.

If you're not seeking to pass on your knowledge at some point, there really isn't any good justification for fucking about with the universe the way magicians do. Yes, you could say it's for exploration's sake, but that would make you a selfish cunt. Write down some things, figure out a way to pass that on to the future somehow.

Ultimately, it's up to the individual to decide what is best for them, of course.

You should also be respectful of other cultures and the origins of certain magickal systems.

There is such a thing as a closed practice. Do your research. This means if you're not from the culture in which this magick is based, you probably shouldn't screw around in that particular tradition. If the people are angry, imagine how upset the pantheon might be.

This does NOT mean you can't research and learn about it. In fact, in cases like these, that's the recommended course of action. Learn about the culture and the system, and if an indigenous member group invites you to initiate in their system one day make sure you show the respect that's due for such a thing.

I know a lot of edgy magic users who haven't paid attention to this advice. You often don't hear from them very much afterwards. The reason? Unknown. It seems an odd coincidence to me, though.

If it gets overwhelming, there's no shame in backing down and taking a break.

A lot of younger magicians get a head of steam and decide they're going to "beat" whatever comes at them. A friend of mine taught me though that being able to do a form of spiritual Aikido is a better alternative. Being able to redirect the energy of an enemy is more valuable than trying to take them out of the equation with pure will and stubborn ego.

Please don't push yourself beyond your limits. That's great advice when we're talking about physical contests of strength or competitions. When it comes to the work of an occultist, just pace yourself.

Trust me. If you stay on the occultists path for a while, you'll need that massive, stubborn willpower at some point in your future, likely for several occasions. Being in that stage all the time will burn you out.

There are consequences for the things we do.

Last, but not least, have fun and learn new things.

If you're not enjoying the adventure into a new paradigm and you're not learning anything of value? Just stop. Maybe it's not something you need right now, or perhaps ever. Maybe it'll come back up in the future. Who knows?

Also, a caution, if you find yourself becoming too drawn into the practice, it would do well to cultivate the self-awareness that this is happening and take a step back. Some magick workings can be seductive and quite dangerous. doesn't exist without you!

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