Be Your Own Hierophant

The Hierophant in reverse always reminds me of Chaos Magick.

7 months ago

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The Hierophant in reverse always reminds me of Chaos Magick.

It's breaking outside of social, religious, and belief systems that are limiting. It takes about forging your path, your magick, and your style. Questioning dogmatic approaches, status quos, and "That not Chaos Magick."

It's the card of the rebellious teenager wishing to go out into the world and to find their way. Questioning everything, including the thoughts, beliefs, values, and morals they learned growing up.  

It's recognizing the rigid, stiff, and dogmatic systems of one's society.

Chaos Magick was created in the 1970s as a way to break away from the dogmatic and rigid magick belief systems and styles.

It was a way to help bring a raw, authentic, and personalized touch to the Magick community. In the beginning was rebellion, questioning why things "had to be a certain way."

What would come to be known as chaos magick was an empowerment, experimentation, and finding the raw energy of Magick without the complicated, drawn-out, and fixed rituals and ceremonies.

The basis was, if you found something that worked for you, then do it. If it produces results, fucking awesome. DIY Magick.

While it is important to study and understand the foundation of magick, study the books, the important figureheads of the past 100+ years and get a different perspective and view towards magick through others, it is more important to question and do things YOUR WAY as well.

Don't get stuck in thinking things have to be a certain way. And this just isn't in your magickal practices.

The Hierophant also represents and shows our morals, ethics, and belief systems. Apply it to all areas of your life in the mundane, with self-improvement and breaking out of the patterns, belief systems, and behaviors we carry that limit us from our true potential.

Just as our magick is in a constant state of evolution, experimentation, and growth, we are as well.

There is always another layer to peel back, a new aspect of ourselves we can discover.

While Magick can bring changes to our outer world, it is just as important to change our inner world as well.

Question what your parents taught you, what society says is the norm, what that guru or spiritual teacher taught you. Question who you are and were 6 months ago. Don't get stuck in your rigid thinking because you are an experienced magician.

There is always room for growth and expansion.

Roxi Phoenix

Published 7 months ago


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