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Practical/High Magick Practitioner : “Esoteric” Martial Arts Instructor : Movement/Energetics Therapist : Lover of life, mystery, and psychonautic activities.


He/him/his. Chemical Engineer by vocation and Chaos Magician by heart, I dwell amongst angels, demons, dreams and astral projections until the stars are right. Write for projects Xaoz and Daemons.

Only, Tennessee

Chaote/Writer/Publisher/comics/zines/fiction/opinion. Punk as fuck. CEO at He/him.

Mother of Money Gator // Narutoverse // Radical Softness as a Weapon

The Internet

( she/her ) Poet ‡ TekMage ‡ Druid ‡ Priestess


Wanderer of unknown lands...

Djinn- but prefers whisky. Likes puns, magic and martial arts. Great at parties.

Seattle, Wa

Cardiff, UK

Occult Historian, Neopagan Author, Freelance Magickian, Paranormal Researcher.


Academic Magus. Poète maudit. Impeccable fashion sense. Sultry voice.

Cumming straight from underground!

Infamous riot magick grrrl

COO / Co-Founder of CMA and

Parts Unknown

I am the collector of the occult. I am the Occulturist. I see the things. I note the things.