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The transition between the ages is marked by a region under two orbs of influence, with coexistence between different ways of thinking, which incites conflicts, debates, and disagreements.

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"The Earth does not actually rotate on its axis: we can consider it as a slightly off-center spinning top. If the sky is looked upon as a backdrop full of stars, then due to the “wobble” of the Earth on its axis, the vernal equinox arises each year against a gradually changing background of constellations. Astronomers call this ‘precession of the equinoxes’." ~ WEST, 1993.

Because of the precession of the equinoxes, at each vernal equinox (20–23 March) the sun rises in front of a constellation, and this constellation changes every ~ 2,160 years.

Every ~ 25,920 years, the equinoxes run through all the signs, and this was called the “Great Year” by the Egyptians.

These constellations define the ASTROLOGICAL AGES, which influences the way of thinking and the mental tendencies of humanity. The transition between the ages is marked by a region under two orbs of influence, with coexistence between different ways of thinking, which incites conflicts, debates, and disagreements.

Currently, we are living the transition between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius (calculations are approximate, and point from 1970 to 2700 for the definitive transition).

Ages of Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries

Neolithic men lived in the age of Cancer, with fertility and population growth, living in caves (analogous to the shell of crustaceans) and learning to face the world.

They grew to become the Atlanteans, but lost much of the technology in floods of catastrophic proportions and invasions.

Image: Stonehenge by Operarius, Wikimedia Commons.

The Egyptians lived the Age of Gemini (balance between body and spirit, symmetrical constructions, high and low Egypt), Taurus (female worship, waning moon like Taurus horns, strong, monolithic constructions, strengthening of society), and Aries (worship of the male and sunbeams, like ram’s horns, advances in war machines) until they were invaded and decimated.

Image: Giza by Hamish2k, Wikimedia Commons.

Age of Pisces

The age of Pisces was marked by "cluster behavior," blind beliefs, and also the evolution of knowledge. It was a time of great technological advance, but great conservativeness, and science was marked by the study of the world in the form of matter, atoms.

Its architecture followed the shape of Vesica Pisces, an intersection between two circles in the shape of fish (and / or vagina), which in geometry allows one to form all the regular shapes, to “give birth” to numerous forms in the material world.

This presented itself strongly in the arches of Gothic constructions. In addition, also because of the influence of the Vesica Pisces, the techniques for product manufacture and engineering were very present.

Image: Milan Cathedral by Jiuguang Wang, Wikimedia Commons.

Age of Aquarius

The age of Aquarius, whose orb of influence is already felt, is a time of liberation, understanding, acceptance, spirituality (air sign) but marked by much status and little content (a fish-bowl has a lot of empty space!) — exhibition, showcase, much “pretend” and little “be”.

Aquarius also becomes a cauldron, where beliefs are mixed, understood together, and considered as different ways of explaining the world, all of which are valid. The exchange of knowledge is clear.

The architecture will be marked by oval forms, parametric architecture, sine/cosine, the science by the study of frequencies, and understanding of the world as a combination of waves.

Image: future building The Oval, by Atkins Global.

Age of Capricorn

In the Age of Capricorn, which will follow that of Aquarius, there will be a powerful aspect of union between the earth and the sky.

Mental aspects and material aspects will be considered correlates, and we will understand broadly that what is above is like what is below.

Languages will recover the character, already present in Ancient Egypt, of using the same symbols to refer to both spiritual and physical aspects at the same time.

There will also be a tendency toward non-duality, and interpretation will be more important than the literal analysis of words. Any truth is a half-truth, and the foundation of Aquarius, that every opinion is just a different way of seeing the world, will be maintained.

In architecture, monolithic, resistant constructions will prevail, with continuous vertical lines, especially in the water's vicinity (the Capricorn has the lower part of a fish and the upper part of a goat.)

Image: frame from the videoclip “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid.

By: RoYaL.

References: Cosmologia Egípcia — Moustafa Gadalla, 2001; A Serpente Cósmica — John West, 1993; O Renascer da Magia — Kenneth Grant, 2015; Geometria Sagrada — Robert Llawlor, 1982.

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