Are rituals necessary?

For thousands of years in the occult world, ritual magick has been the standard. But is it necessary?

6 months ago

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For thousands of years in the occult world, ritual magick has been the standard.

This desire for form and structure is a distinctly human need and we, as a species, have bent the consensus reality to our wills in implementing this status quo manifestation.

The familiar is much easier to accept as something that "works," and the occult zeitgeist has shifted little in many regards.

However, when chaos magick came into being in the late 1970s, things shifted momentously, but only because the timing was right for the community and practices that would come to define chaos magick itself.

Outliers, of course, always saw the truth of having an adaptable magick practice being one of the highest forms of the art. Many of these outliers, like Austin Osman Spare and Carl Jung, were directly responsible for some of the initial chaos magick theory, defined in the works of people like Peter Carroll, Ray Sherwin, and Phil Hine, among many, many others.

As a practice, it is always advised that one first learn the rules before you break them.

Simply dismissing ritual out of hand is foolish and smacks of hubris (something to examine when doing shadow work.)

The magick that has come before us, the legacy of what they left behind, the workers and explorers of the wyrding path, should be acknowledged insomuch as the benefit they provide to your magickal practice. Also, this stuff has reportedly worked for many before you, so it's worth investigation.

In general, you should be respectful of most beliefs unless they cause harm to you or others. The more you know, the more powerful you become.

From here, as a chaote, I can make an informed examination of technique and formulate my own magickal theorems.

If I feel certain parts of the ritual don't work for me, I can chuck it in the fuck it bucket with certainty that it won't hurt the effectiveness of the overall spell work.

I can also add parts to it, remixing and refining my intent, to make the ritual work even more effectively. Bringing this type of specificity into your magickal practice, I have found, produces effects that are almost undeniable.

If I want to follow the ritual to the letter, I absolutely can.

The point is, chaos magick is an adaptable and formless, meaning you can mold your practice to something personal and worthwhile to yourself. This will empower you in ways you will not find by following strict guidance.

It gives you freedom to remove the boundaries others would place on you.

I believe it's important to keep in mind cultural sensitivities here, too.

While working in various magickal paradigms, you will criss cross into various cultures and sacred texts. I recommend being as informed as possible about what you're doing, being respectful of the cultures represented, and listening to members of that culture if they tell you if you are being disrespectful.

Ultimately, the use of ritual is entirely up to you, but it's best to be informed.

By doing a proper examination of what has come before, we can blaze new trails in the future.

Joe Forest

Published 6 months ago


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