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About the chaosmagick.com team and our mission.

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What is Chaos Magick?

That is a big question and is unique for each person who claims the title chaos magician. That being said, there are some universal understandings that most, if not all, chaotes (practitioners of Chaos Magick) agree on.

The works of Peter J. Carroll are where the term “Chaos Magick” was first coined and explained. Concepts from masters like Austin Osman Spare and Carl Jung definitely seem to play a part in the overall theme of Caroll’s books, but he takes them further by applying things like the scientific method (chaos theory, specifically) to mystical practices.

“Take what works and leave the things that don’t,” seems to be a concept that is repeated throughout Chaos Magick communities, which creates a very personalized dogma that each person follows with varying levels of intensity and diligence.

We invite you to come as you are into the world of practical (or impractical) workings and find your own path among a community of people focused on growing and connecting to the mystical, the occult, and the scientific parts of our consensus reality.

Joe Forrest (Co-Founder of the Chaos Magick Association; Chief Executive Officer)

Joe has worked on many projects under the public light. The mind behind the idea of creating the site and well connected in the community, he has moved forward with relentless abandon to make his projects happen.

A master of thought form manifestation and creator of Nathaniel Verone, the pop-punk-chaote main character of The Last True Mage comic book series, he brings a healthy wariness of authority. He also brings his experience with the government and corporate bourgeois of his own through project management, his military service, and working for companies like GoDaddy and Google, bringing valuable insight into every project he gets involved with.

His past projects include groundzerosum.com (GZS), The Last True Mage, the first edition of the Babble-On Anthology, articles on various websites, and many digital and paper zines.

Joe is a punk at heart, and always will be.

Joel Friedrichs (Co-Founder of the Chaos Magick Association; Chief Operating Officer)

Joel, who also goes by the name Son Ginga (Monkey of the Silver River), has always tried to glean as much knowledge as possible from every experience in life. They have studied many disciplines, pantheons, and dogmas but mostly sat on the sidelines until recently when Joe Forrest pitched the idea of creating a hub for Chaotes and Joel was on board in a heartbeat. They bring a pop-corporate, contractual, and scholarly perspective to their workings having an eclectic experience with a multitude of industries in management and finance positions.

The Social Media Sirens

Heading up some of our most important functions is our Social Media Siren Team.

Roxi Phoenix has been reading Tarot for over 15 years, a facilitator of shadow works, and experienced astrologist. Her gifts will amaze you and her memes will invade you.

Worried Brat is the Kawaii Queen you've been waiting for with those elite streaming and video skills that make you salivate. An accomplished chaos witch responsible for the creation of Money Gator.

Saeihr is the Bear Goddess Avatar of the Undying Moon, High Preistess ov th3 Cult ov Mother, a tekmage of vast skill and desire, and operator between the veil. Captain of the Starship Punkadelic, surfing the waves of the Omniversal oceans.


This website is a labor of love by the two co-founders who are still working full-time outside of the project. It would not have been possible without many diligent corroborators who have been kind enough to help.

The idea for this hub was to create a space that wasn’t a part of the huge social media corporations that Chaotes and Chaos Magicians can go to in order to find everything Chaos Magick™ related, and to delve deeper into the various realms of the occult while maintaining all the fun of the adventure.

If you interact much with the community, you may very well chat with them as they are also contributors and curators to the content within it.

We think connections create our lives on vibrational, psychological, esoteric, and material levels. Creating a place to foster those connections was always the goal.


The words "Chaos Magick" are represented by the number nine in Pythagorean numerology, which represents philanthropic nature, humanitarianism, moodiness, impulsively, carelessness in matters of money, and an inclination to be bougie as hell. It also implies idealism turned into the key principle of life. (Figuratively, this means not pretending to understand the purpose of Chaos as described by Peter J. Carroll, but hoping that things are arranged reasonably and end well.)

The logo was designed to have nine spokes instead of the standard eight pointed chaos star. This makes sure that it always has a direction.

Three spokes end with smaller stars to represent the fractal-like nature of community and connection. The smaller stars have seven points each for twenty-seven points, which also equals nine in Pythagorean numerology.

ChaosMagick.com is represented by “9.4”, which can be reduced to four or taken together. Four represents strength and efficiency while bringing both balance and structure.

We hope you find a place in this community either as a contributor or someone who enjoys the works that our contributors bring to the table.