A Hexin' We Will Go!

Many don't believe in the powers of hexes. These people have obviously never been the true target of one.

3 months ago

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Many don't believe in the powers of hexes. These people have obviously never been the true target of one.

Most people who have considered themselves hexed have not only NOT been hexed, but their problems are usually because of their own life bullshit.

Knew someone once who thought every time someone online did something she didn't like or got into an argument with someone. They then had a round of shitty luck and blamed that person for hexing them.

Of course, they didn't think their stupid spending habits on useless crap, that they lived on a fixed income, or that they chain-smoked was a factor at all.

Newp, they were hexed.

They were just full of shit and looking for something to blame their bad habits on. Much like most of the people that scream, "I've been hexed."

Nevermind the jackwagons over on WitchTok, hexing everything for no fucking reason. "Let's hex the moon!" "Let's hex Islam!"

Those fucking clowns can't hex a damn shoe, let alone a major religion. Then the clowns were all like, "HOLY SHIT! I'm getting flapjacked by own fargin' magick!"

No shit, genius.

Well, ladies and germs, I can tell you that hexes are indeed real, regardless of the BS the kiddies try to do.

A personalized hex, properly executed, can curl the toes of even the bravest of the brave, bring low the strong, and smack the living shit out of your reality.

Here's the best thing. Many people don't think they can be hexed because THEY don't believe in it.

Things is, my magick doesn't require your belief to do what I need it to do. Not understanding this simple fact is where hubris kicks most magicians in the metaphysical nads.

Is hexing people unethical? Fuck yeah. You're goddamn A+ right it is. It also comes with a cost, just like anything else.

But sometimes it's absolutely necessary. Take, for example, a child molester.

There's nothing redeemable about a child molester. They're pieces of shit that don't deserve the air they've been so graciously given.

So, did I feel guilty when the child molester got ass cancer? Newp. I knew what I had done, and I'd do it again. I feel the ethics of the moral choice was to make sure that sonofabitch died as horribly as I could. I smile every day as I know he quivers in fear because someday soon he'll have to pay the ferryman.

So, yes, hexes are very real and can cause very real damage. You can even ratchet it up by moving on to a full-blown curse, but that's a bit much and takes much more effort and energy.

Hexing, though, can cause anything from a stubbed toe to ass cancer, takes little effort, and is very effective.

Again, hex with care, because the price you may end up paying will eventually get too high and you'll find regret does nothing to solve it.

Get a candle. You can use any color you want unless you like all that "Green means health" stuff. It's mostly as a focus tool and a metaphor for the fire of chaos and creation.
Get a picture or some sort of personal item from the person to be hexed if possible. I like things like hair from a brush, for example.
Get some string, wrap that item up for binding, and begin.
State your intent. Be clear and unwavering.
Light the candle, focus on the flame until you feel a calm come over you.
Recite your intent to the universe.
Hex the fuck out of 'em. doesn't exist without you!

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Published 3 months ago


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